O2 Prepay WAP settings

To receive GTwap on your O2 Prepay mobile phone, enter these settings:

Home Page: http://www.GTwap.co.uk/
Account: payandgo
Password: payandgo
Port No.: 9201
Security: Non-secure
APN: payandgo.02.co.uk
Authentication: Normal
Dialup: +447712927927
Connection Type: ISDN
Mode: Permanent or Continuous

Note that your phone may not require all of the parameters listed here. Some networks allow the Gateway IP to be blank, i.e. or ---.---.---.---.

Enter the Access Point Name (APN) for GPRS connections - or the Dial-up number and ISDN for Circuit Switched (CSD) connections.

If you do not know where to enter these settings, consult your mobile phone handbook or the manufacturer's website.



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