Have you finally decided upon extending your home? Now the next important step is to hire a reliable and trustworthy building and construction company. This is necessary so that your house extension offers the highest standards of quality and an absolutely stunning finish. BCS Building Contractor Ltd is a company with a matured reputation for providing cost-effective, reliable and high-quality house extensions to the residents of Islington and nearby areas.

Many homeowners think that getting a house extension done is a daunting task because this is a large-scale project that requires plenty of time, workforce and budget. This is exactly where the team BCS jumps in. We aim to take out the stress of this daunting task to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience of getting a house extension with us. Our team gives their best to ensure that you are fully satisfied and happy with the final look of your extension. We understand that the model designs that we create are not just drawings, they are detailed illustrations of what you want to achieve within your budget and time.

There are countless designs and layouts for house extensions, you can add a rear extension or a side extension as it will create an extra living space along with adding value and luxury to your home. If you have an extended family or you want a bigger living space, you do not have to move to a bigger place. You can transform your home into your dream home by maximizing its living space by adding a BCS house extension in Islington. Extensions are a great way to add space to your home and BCS extensions are built with high-quality materials combined with instructions of our skilled professionals to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

The house extension service that we offer does not just end at approving of the plans, we provide advice and assistance throughout the construction and building process. We aim to provide you with an experience that is pleasurable and memorable. We make sure that the entire construction process is as easy, simple and hassle-free for you as possible. Reach out to us now and let’s get started.

Please check our website to read more about our services – https://www.bcsbuildersuk.co.uk/islington/house-extensions